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Punto Europa was established in May 1999, at Forlì, following an agreement signed by the Universities of Bologna, at Forlì, the Municipality of Forlì and the Province of Forlì-Cesena.

It is an information centre, whose main task is to provide information about the EU functioning - hence contributing to make it more visible, transparent and ultimately democratic - and to make European citizens aware of the EU's impact on their everyday life.

Punto Europa is part of the European information network of the European Community.

In order to accomplish its institutional tasks, PE:

  1. Offers an information service on EU institutions, policies and rules;
  2. Helps citizens to find information about European programmes and opportunities;
  3. In partnership with other agencies, PE promotes researches and organizes workshops, meetings and conferences on European issues

PE operates with the support of researchers and students of the Department of Political Science and International and Diplomatic Studies.

To date PE is committed to numerous projects funded by the European Union and more are presently at their formational stage.

In the future, we want to widen and deepen this commitment. Above all we want to improve connections and to put in place a viable network that could effectively function in the framework of communitarian programmes.

In order to reach this end, we are willing to engage our structure, resources and personnel in partnerships with organizations and agencies sharing similar commitments.

Per ulteriori informazioni: | Padiglione Melandri - Piazzale Solieri, 1 - 47121 Forlì | Tel.: +39 0543 374807 | Fax: +39 0543 374801 | E-mail: |
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